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Top 10 Museum Photo Ops

The National Naval Aviation Museum is a great place to shoot share-worthy snaps. From supreme selfies to old-school “Would you take a picture of us?” posed photos, the Museum provides a backdrop for fun and interesting shots to treasure and post.

We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite spots.

1. Antietam Anchor (Entrance & Quarterdeck)
Aboard the aircraft carrier USS Antietam until 1973, this anchor is 15 feet tall and weighs over 15 tons. Ironically, the anchor was last dropped in Pensacola Bay, where the Antietam was serving as a training carrier.

2. Cockpit Trainers (Mezzanine)
Kids come alive when they climb into the cockpit trainers and start flipping switching and moving the controls.

3. Blue Angels (Atrium)
Nothing says Naval Aviation like the Blue Angels, so taking a photo in the atrium is a must for any shutterbug. The four delta-wing A-4 Skyhawks served the Blue Angels for over a decade and are depicted in their famous diamond formation in the Museum’s Atrium.

4. American Flag (Meeting Hall)
The American flag is one of the most recognized in the world, a universal symbol of freedom, liberty and justice. Many Museum visitors are drawn to the large American flag in the meeting hall, and the photos they take are often striking and inspiring.

5. Marine One Presidential Helicopter (Hangar Bay One)
This Sea King antisubmarine helicopter provided short-range helicopter transportation to Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford during the 1970s. Because this “Marine One” helicopter is from the Nixon era, visitors often recreate his iconic two-handed V-sign, delivered in farewell as he departed following his resignation in 1974.

6. Flight Simulator (Mezzanine)
Get ready for takeoff in this MaxFlight 360° Simulator! Under your control, these high definition simulators are capable of air-to-air combat and stunt flying.

7. 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun (West Wing)
Climb aboard this twin-mount anti-aircraft gun, and you’re a World War II gunner defending your ship against enemy air attack, shooting down Japanese Kamikazes or German Luftwaffe pilots.

NNAM Gun Moveable

8. Lighter Than Air Exhibit (Mezzanine)
Have fun mugging for the camera as you join a line of men holding the line of a hot air balloon.

9. Home Front USA (Mezzanine)
Step back in time in our World War II era exhibits devoted to life on the home front, with a theater, barbershop, general store and more. Visitors can interact with the exhibits and re-creations, making for remarkable images.

10. Apollo Exhibit (Hangar Bay One)
With its replicas of an spacesuited astronaut, lunar module and lunar rover—all positioned on a Moon-like surface, complete with footprints—the Apollo exhibit sends photography lovers over the moon.

Did we miss any? When you visit the Museum, what’s your favorite spot for photo ops? Share your own NNAM photos on our Facebook page and inspire others to up their selfie game.

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