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Neil Armstrong Passes at 82
posted in News on August 25, 2012 in News on 8/25/2012

Neil ArmstrongThe Naval Aviation Museum Foundation is deeply saddened at the passing of our friend Neil Armstrong—Naval Aviator, test pilot and first man to walk on the moon—passed away Saturday, August 25, at age 82.

A combat Naval Aviator in the skies over Korea, Neil was on the cutting edge of aeronautical development and exploration during an important time in our history including service with NASA in the X–15 rocket plane and later in the Gemini and Apollo space programs.

His piloting skills from carrier flight decks to Tranquility Base are legendary, and during the second half of his life he was a stalwart advocate for space exploration and rigorous engineering education to ensure U.S. leadership for generations to follow.

A humble and kind man who loved our country, Neil Armstrong was a warrior, leader, and friend who ably served the United States and mankind throughout his remarkable life. The Foundation expresses our deep condolences to his fine family at their loss.

God speed, Neil Armstrong.

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