Named Gifts

Since 1987, supporters of the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation have contributed key funds through our Named Gifts program to build and enhance this wonderful, world-class facility. We need your support to continue our extraordinary record of success.

Individuals, associations and businesses all have the opportunity to sponsor the rare and historic aircraft and exhibits of the Museum. This sponsorship is an unequaled opportunity to associate with a specific area or object in the Museum, whether it be the immersive re-creation of a forward base in the Pacific during World War II, or a one-of-a-kind dive bomber which fought in the Battle of Midway.

Your sponsorship contribution will provide critical funds necessary for the continued acquisition, restoration, preservation and display of history-making aircraft; the continued expansion and refinement of exhibits presenting the story of many of our nation’s greatest heroes; and the continued success of our educational programs that inspire our nation’s youth to pursue excellence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), fields that will define our nation’s future.

Contributors are recognized alongside their sponsored item for the life of the display, viewed every year by nearly a million visitors from across the globe in one of Florida’s most visited museums and the world’s greatest tribute to the sacrifices and achievements of U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aviation. Take part in our success by sponsoring one of our unique aircraft or exhibits, ensuring that we may continue in our missions for years to come.

Contact Michele Sweigart, Executive Director, Development ), at the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation for more information on our Named Gifts program. Toll-free: 1-800-327-5002

* Sponsorships can be made in a single payment or a schedule of recurring payments can be established. Associations or other organizations interested in sponsoring an aircraft or exhibit should contact the Foundation for more information on coordinating fundraising efforts. The sponsorship of an item does not imply ownership or control over its presentation or use; these are reserved to the U.S. Navy and the Museum director.

View a PDF list of available aircraft and exhibits.

Aircraft Available

• World War I

Fokker D.VII

Hanriot HD-1


Nieuport 28

S-4C Scout

• Golden Age

BFC-2 Goshawk



F7C Seahawk

N2C Fledgling



• World War II

A6M2 Zero

F4F-3 Wildcat

F4F-3A Wildcat

F7F Tigercat

HNS Hoverfly

J2F Duck



Me 262

N1K2 Shiden-Kai (George)

N2S Kaydet

N2T Tutor

N3N "Yellow Peril" (floatplane)

NR-1 Recruit

OS2U Kingfisher

OY-1 Sentinel

P-40B Tomahawk

PB4Y-2 Privateer

PBJ-1D Mitchell

PBY-5A Catalina


PV-2 Harpoon

R5C (C-46) Commando

SB2U Vindicator

SBD Dauntless BuNo 2106

SNC Falcon

SNV Valiant

• Early Cold War

AF-2S Guardian

AJ Savage

AM Mauler

C-117D Skytrain

C-131 Samaritan

CH-37 Mojave

D-558-1 Skystreak

EC-121 Warning Star

F2H-2P Photo Banshee

F3D Skyknight

F4D Skyray

F9F-8 Cougar

FH-1 Phantom

FJ-2 Fury

H-34 Seabat/Seahorse



HTL Sioux

JD Invader


RC-45J (SNB)

TV-2 Shooting Star

• Vietnam & Modern Era

A4D-1 Skyhawk

AV-8C Harrier

C-1 Trader

C-130 Hercules

C-130 Hercules (Fat Albert)

C-9B Skytrain II

CH-46 Sea Knight

CH-53 Sea Stallion

E-1 Tracer

EA-3B Skywarrior

EA-6B Prowler

F-14A Tomcat

F-14D Tomcat

F-16N Viper

H-2 Seasprite

HH-1K (UH-1) Iroquois

P-3A Orion

RA-5C Vigilante

RQ-8A Fire Scout

S2F Tracker

SH-60B Seahawk

SP-2H Neptune

T-2 Buckeye

T-34 Mentor

T-38 Talon

T-39 Sabreliner

TA-4J Skyhawk

TC-4 Academe

TH-57 Sea Ranger

• U.S. Coast Guard

HH-52 Seaguard


HU-16 Albatross

JRF Goose

• Lighter-than-Air

L-8 Ghost Ship


ZPG-2 Snowbird

• Antarctic Exploration

R4D-5L Skytrain "Que Sera Sera"

U-1 Otter

• Space

Freedom 7 Replica

• Presidential

S-3B Viking "Navy One"

Exhibits Available

• Entrance & Quarterdeck

Naval Aviation Memorial IMAX® Theatre

USS Antietam (CV-36) Anchor

USS Essex (CV-9) Anchor

USS Intrepid (CV-11) Propeller

• South Wing

Birth of Naval Aviation

Davis Recoilless Gun

Golden Eagles Exhibit

NC-4 Exhibit

Patches & Flight Gear

Rotating Beacon

USS Essex (CV-9) Scoreboard

World War I Exhibit

• West Wing

1940 Plymouth

40mm Bofors Gun

A-Bomb Replica "Fat Man"

Airship Ladder

Erco Ball Turret

Japanese Aviator

Kiddie Hawk (play area)

Mark II, Model 2 Bomb Service Truck

Sunken Treasures

Von Tempsky Wall

World War II Exhibit

• Mezzanine

1000 Trap Club

Cockpit Trainers

Home Front U.S.A.

Landing Signal Officer (LSO) Exhibit


Link Trainer

Medal of Honor

Naval Aviation Art Gallery

Naval Aviation in Space

Pacific Island Exhibit

SNJ Cutaway

Virtual Flight Deck

World War II Carrier Exhibit (Mezzanine)

• Hangar Bay One

Emerson Turret

MiG-21 Cockpit

Naval Aviation in the Persian Gulf

Prisoners of War Exhibit

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Stateroom

USS Forrestal (CV-59) Fire