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Virtual Tour & Cockpits


Featuring over 100 panoramas, our interactive Virtual Tour allows you to explore the National Naval Aviation Museum from your computer or mobile device, giving you an immersive look at the aircraft and exhibits displayed in honor of the achievements and sacrifices made over a century of Naval Aviation. Further, as part of our panoramic tour we have published a series of cockpit panoramas which enable visitors to sit behind the sights in a number of unique and historic aircraft!

The National Naval Aviation Museum Virtual Tour is very large; please allow a few moments for the tour to load, especially if using a mobile device.


Getting Started (Help)

The Virtual Tour is compatible with desktop browsers and mobile devices which support HTML5. If you experience any difficulties viewing the tour, make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser.


Looking Around

As you browse a panorama, be sure to take in the full 360 x 180 degree field of view; there are often interesting sights and exhibits above and behind, and sometimes below you!

  • For desktop users, click and drag the image to change your point of view.
  • Tablet and smartphone users can look around by simply touching and dragging a single finger across the screen, and can zoom in or out by pinching or spreading two fingers on the screen.
  • Tablet and smartphone users can use their device’s gyroscope to look around a location by turning and tilting the device. This can be activated by selecting the gyroscope icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (note: this feature works best in Chrome for Android devices).
  • You can also allow the tour to automatically rotate the view of an area. Autorotation will start if you leave the tour idle for a few moments. Turn this feature on or off by using the autorotation icon in the toolbar.



Nearly all panoramas feature “hotspots” users can interact with to find information on the exhibits and aircraft in view.

  • If you see an “i” information icon over and aircraft or exhibit, click on the icon to open a window with information on that display.
  • If you’d like to hide these icons, select the hotspots icon in the toolbar.



There are a number of ways to navigate the 100+ panoramas of the Virtual Tour:

  • Hovering your mouse over the left or right edges of the screen reveals navigation arrows which allow you to advance through panoramas in a set order (these arrows are always visible on mobile devices). You can also use the arrow icons in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Navigation “hotspots”  can be used to move from one location to the next as if walking through actual Museum. A single click or touch will move you to the next location.
  • Maps of the three main divisions of the Museum (the Main Deck, Second Deck, and Hangar Bay One/Restoration), as well as the PB2Y Coronado flying boat, are available for desktop and tablet users. Maps can be opened by clicking the maps icon in the toolbar.
  • Further, you can browse from a list of panoramas located in a drop-down menu at the top right of the screen or the menu at the lower left of the screen (for desktop and tablet users).



Finally, share your experience! Selecting the share icon in the toolbar brings enables you to easily share a link to the panorama you are viewing through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Pass the tour to a friend!


Index of Panoramas

Main Deck

Second Deck

Hangar Bay One

Flight Deck Store



Cockpit Panoramas

PB2Y-5R Coronado

Virtual Tour Team

Administrative Lead: Gary Petersen
Lead Developer: Nick Thrasher
Tour Photography: Nick Thrasher & Bill Dunbar
Cockpit Photography: Rod Ramaker & Steve Heffernen
Graphic Design: Donald Watson
Historical Data: Hill Goodspeed


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