In order to align NAS Pensacola with security directives issued by the Secretary of the Navy, the air station commanding officer has directed that beginning February 1, 2016, all visitors to the National Naval Aviation Museum, Fort Barrancas and Pensacola Lighthouse who do not possess a Department of Defense identification card or are unescorted by the holder of a Department of Defense identification card, will be required to enter the installation via the West Gate located off Blue Angel Parkway. Click here for directions.


A Century Over the Seas



Take a journey through the first 100 years of Naval Aviation with the National Naval Aviation Museum’s interactive timeline. Powered dynamically by our KE EMu database, the story of Naval Aviation is told through the artifacts and collections of the Museum. Here you can see select images from the extensive Robert L. Lawson photo collection; view the Wings of Gold of pioneer aviators like Godfrey Chevalier (Naval Aviator No. 7); and learn about daring feats of exploration, technological achievement and combat action through items donated to the Museum.


The “Century Over the Sea” timeline pulls from the Museum’s collection database in real-time, providing dynamic access to select historical photos and items here at NAS Pensacola. As more and more items are catalogued in our ever-expanding collection, the timeline will expand as well, so be sure to check in often to see what exciting new images or items we have to offer!

The Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust

The National Naval Aviation Museum’s interactive timeline was made possible by the generosity of the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust. Founded in 1984 in honor of Mr. Emil Buehler, a pioneering aeronautical engineer, the Trust works to further Buehler’s vision and commitment to aviation and science by supporting the work of educational centers and organizations. The Trust’s continued support is the cornerstone of our ability to collect, preserve and catalogue historical items, and further, to present them to the public online in a way no other DOD museum can.


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