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ZPG-2 Nosecone, Outrigger and Ruddervator (Mezzanine)

Initially taking to the skies in March 1953, the ZP2N-1 was the first of the N-series of non-rigid airships delivered to the Navy. Mammoth in size at over 340 feet long and with a volume of 1,011,000 cubic feet, twelve ZP2N-1s were ordered by the Navy. Redesignated ZPG-2s in 1954, the blimps would serve in the antisubmarine role and established quite a reputation for their flight endurance.  On display are the framework of a ZPG-2 ruddervator (control surfaces used to control both elevation and direction), nosecone, and outrigger, giving visitors a sense of the immensity of the aircraft.


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