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C-1 Trader

An aircraft carrier is often called a 'city at sea,' and keeping a floating city that is in constant motion supplied with everything from food to ordnance is a logistical challenge. As part of this effort, during the Korean War the Navy developed the Carrier On-board Delivery (COD) concept, modifying World War II-era TBM Avenger torpedo-bombers to carry mail, passengers, and other cargo between ship and shore. The successful introduction of the S2F Tracker anti-submarine warfare aircraft triggered the idea to convert the airframe for additional use as a COD aircraft. The subsequent TF (later redesignated C-1) Trader, capable of transporting nine passengers and even a small nuclear weapon, entered service in 1955 and operated from the Navy's flattops for the ensuing thirty-three years, the last one retiring from its duties on board the training carrier Lexington (AVT-16) on 27 September 1988.

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